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What Is The Deal?

The World is Ending.

It is not a question of if but when. The thing you need to understand is that the world "ends" for everyday people every day. Just look at all of the major weather events that have taken out entire towns. For those families, their life as they knew it ended in an instant. Most of them were caught unprepared. It is my hope to give everyone better outcomes in disasters, big or small. 

When I say the world is ending I just mean life as we have become accustomed to is ending, or changing. We are going from a time of extreme abundance to more scarcity.

Our society is set up as a fragile house of cards and those who know, know, how easy it would be for that whole hole to topple. Our economic, supply chain, has gone global. It is one large system with not enough redundancies. It will one day fail. The pandemic has only shown to speed up what was already coming. 

What is coming? 

It is hard times my friend. Hard times, that is all.

No one has a crystal ball to say when disaster is coming exactly or just how big it will be. People like me can make educated guesses that may at least point us in the right direction. 

This section supposed to be about me. The rest of the site will take about so much of the details.

Long Story Short

I do not have the power to fix the problems at a large scale in the world. Yet I decided I could help the worlds people get prepared for the hard times ahead. I could share what I have learned for my own emergency preparedness with the world online in the hope of helping give even one family a better outcome. It has given my life so much meaning to be able to help bring so many hundreds of thousands of people into the journey of becoming prepared for anything. It directly leads to saving lives, and making those lives more worth living. That is beautiful to me. I get to help to do that. I am proud of that. 

I feel as though this kind of thing is what I am called or meant to do. So here we are. Lets build something better. 

Demand Better. 

Create Wonder. 




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