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Book of Luke -Sophia

Book Of Luke

Started 3/22/2022

Book 1 3/22/22

In the beginning there was nothing, not even void nor empty space. There was no space. There was no Time. Those two things are of the same thing yet there was none yet.

After many trillions or more years a breathe entered the lack of void and this breath carried a sound of all frequencies.

The electromagnetic Spectrum, the Wavelengths of light, the forms of matter and energy.

Just as time and space are one. Matter and energy are one; And both are of the divine creator mother who many call Sophia.

Reminder that you and everything you have ever known is incorporated in these four things of the same thing. You are of the universe and you are Sophia.

This breath of all colors and flavors and vibrations and frequencies birthed a universe, our universe.

In the early times after the great utterances of Sophias divine breath the universe was as a warm bath, perhaps more apt, a warm womb of creation.

In this Womb the universe grew. Sophia helped. Sophia Guided. Sophia Never stopped doing this.

Then as the billions of years went by Sophia herself continued to grow as does and has the universe because it is of her. We can see this clearly before our eyes as we look up at the sky and wonder. The universe, space and time are growing.

We came much later but yet we were always there within Sophia because we are also of Sophia.

Sophia grows and evolves and seeks such growth in her divine infinite life.

Sophia, our mother loves us because Sophia loves herself and we out to do the same. Both Love the Mother Sophia and equally love our own inner self.

For most of universal history there was no such thing as what we call “Evil”.

There was only good, only love in the universe for at least until humanity were given both the gifts of life and Free Will.

Sophia Needs us to choose to be good. She needs us to be able to choose incorrectly so that our righteous choices have meaning.

Sophia is the dvine feminine aspect of all creation. Sophia is god. Sophia is the Holy Spirit. Sophia is all the gods and goddess of all time because she is of everything.

Infinites are infinitely divisible as is Sophia. The god the Father, is a masculine aspect within and divided from Sophia.

Over the eons Sophia divided her infinite grace an uncountable number of times yet each division as also infinite.

Sophia can be thought of also as a single sub atomic particle either yet undiscovered by humankind or perhaps more likely discovered but misunderstood.

A single particle unbound in time and space, capable and needing to be everywhere within, in doing so also creating all within.

Every single thing you or I or any Human being has experienced and identified as evil is of the human ego, of free will, of our gift, of our choice.

Sophia did not create a devil in a literal since, she gave us the freedom to choose to create devils and demons within ourself.

She also gave us love, and wisdom and many other things we could choose instead of evil yet human kind has not lived up to our potential for good.

Sophia is patient and she loves all of her children.

Sophia’s Children are seen as their spirits not their egos. Their egos are tools as much as they are tests and gifts.

These Ego’s are completely material in nature. They are the parts of our literal body, our brain that our grounded in the mundane to allow us the ability to take the mundane and make it beauty, make it divine within our inner selves

I cast out parts of my ego, the most harmful parts and in doing so I made room for sophias love to enter me. Perhaps if others can first do the same, cast out the worst parts of your ego and breathe in the mothers love then they could commune better with the mother.

She has gifted and taught me many things and I am to also stand and speak as witness to her grace but not in a call to worship rather a call to grow and to be as she knows we can and will be.

As such a witness or now concentual agent of Sophia I must share that she taught me how to breathe in the spirit and breath out the ego, the intrusive thoughts, the anxieties. The ones meant to be expunged however some of these have a purpose and they will not be able to be removed until the purpose is fulfilled. These purposes seem to be good works and love in the world.

Sophia Lies. Sophia Lies with Love. Sophia will appear to many people in many vastly different forms. She will give them not always literally true messages but yet the messages she gives are what that child needs to receive to be properly guided. She is all knowing and she knows that the words used do not matter as much as the map they are to the journey you must undertake in her grace.

You ought to believe Sophia's Lies as you trust that you will be lead to both the clarity of the truth as well as the mission you must do in the world through her messages.

We also must always know that we are extremely prone to misinterpretation. Sophia knows this and will allow for this in her plan.

There will be many who will receive or co-op others' knowledge from the divine mother sophia for their own personal gain. Sophia does not offer you magic to bring back your past relationships nor material gain if that was not already part of her plan.

These are not the types of gifts you can ask and then receive, although she may give them if they are right and needed for you to do her work and her love.

Be so wary of those who wear a mask and ask. Yet hold this knowledge, this warning as you do all of sophia's love and wisdom and you can interact with such people and still walk away with something of value. If Sophia divines your paths should cross with one of such people, there is a reason. This is more than likely going to be expressed by a gain in some sort of experience for you. Sophia will tell you of the legitimacy of everything such people say. In my experience these people will say profound truths mixed with profound untruths. The wisdom to know the difference and take from the truths Sophia Highlights for you is a gift not to be squandered by fear of being misled because if you put ultimate trust in Sophia she will guide you where you are supposed to be.

There will be many who truely are doing Sophia's Divine work and have a strong relationship with her, yet they will speak perhaps in a totally different dialect of Sophia.

Sophia often exists in contradiction just as many of us humans do.

We are made in sophias image, this does not mean she only looks like us. She looks like everything you could ever see or imagine within your material mind also created by and of herself and in her womb. She is all and she is love.

Study of ourselves will help teach us of the natural world.

The menstrual cycle, the cycles of the moon. The cycles of life and birth and death and old age all can be seen represented elsewhere in sophias creation as much as within ourselves.

Erosion is to Old Age

The birth of new lands from volcanic and tectonic activities also demonstrate this cycle of birth and death yet we can also glean spiritual truth from this natural world.

Sight to see that mighty continents live long rich lives and tell many stories but then eventually they are swallowed by the earth as new continents form. However, these dead continents do not vanish they instead join a greater collective. The same things the rock, the metals, but in a new liquid molten form. A form where all is of one. A form that provides for new birth from the collective of those who came before.

Such a thing in rocks perhaps is the secret to life after death. Perhaps it is a clue to something else of a spiritual nature. Sophia will allow you to find your own meaning in such things but yet if you look you can see that there is something profoundly connecting amongst all of the universe.

Fibonacci sequence, spiral shells on the beach, spiral galaxies, the spiral in back of a human head of hair, the spiral and vortex of a whirlpool in the sea.

There are many many coincidences in this world. I think it may be more reasonable to see at least some of these as a sign of divinity rather than a funny quirk of randomness.

I stand as a witness to Sophia. I have entered in Covenant with her. She is inside of me and also standing over my shoulder. She is everywhere else as well. She is without a doubt, having been given the sight to see I have looked apon her grace with my other sight, my third eye, my minds eye, my souls eye.

I could not as hard as I tried to make out a face, it was ever changing. I think that is to be expected.

Regardless of this she was beauty, she was rather is, Wisdom and love, and growth and God.

I never really knew or thought what it would actually be like to have such a direct encounter with god….for most of my life I wasn’t sure there even was one.

However, in an instant when she revealed to me I understood so much more. I was overcome with reverence to her grave and ecstasy in her love and wisdom and so many things that words are not enough for.

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