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Consulting Services!

Hey All!

Exciting news! I have added a Consulting service to the PrepZone!

But Why?

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they wanted to reach out to me for a long time but were afraid they would annoy me. I don't like not being accessible and this is a way to guarantee a block of my time with my full attention.

Also it just feels like the logical next step. I have helped thousands of mostly anonymous people achieve better outcomes both in current disasters and those to come.

This is a way for me to work one on one with you. That's incredible!

This allows me to customize plans for each person to make sure they are not just getting general advise that might be the wrong path for their situation.

Finally, This stuff is my job, as a self employed artistic focused person I need to find ways to turn the value I create/hold into a modest sustainable living for myself and my family.

I just want to make a difference with my mission to get people better outcomes, finding a means to an end with a win/win value proposition makes it possible to achieve the overall mission. This is so exciting!

How's it work?

It is pretty straightforward choose the amount of time, schedule it, send me your Instagram Username and I will call you at the scheduled time/day of your choosing!

We are using Instagram because its free first and foremost but also it allows us to video chat!

There may be things you would like to show me in reference to the topics discussed.

In terms of what we are going to talk about understand it can be absolutely anything, its your time.

I imagine most people would be looking for Prepping Consulting which I have done before and it usually involves using the video chat to show me things you want my advice on. Show me your current situations, tell me what problems/issues you are running into and I will offer you some solutions and some outside the box ideas.

If you require additional items per my reccomendaditions I will follow up with a list of links to my recommended products/ reference material to what we discussed.

I think there will be a lot of people who want to discuss other things and that is very much welcome too.

Spirituality, Philosophy, Business/marketing, science, technology, big questions. I am really a jack of all trades and have a lot of value to offer in many regards not just doomsday prepping/emergency preparedness.

Maybe you just need someone to talk to and maybe you want that person to be me? Whatever the reason I look forward to speaking with you! If you like the session I hope you consider booking ongoing appointments so we can really get to know eachother!

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