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Doomsday Predictions - Prep Papi's Daily Log

Captains Log star date; Jan 2 2022 (Late Entry for Jan 1 2022)

Wow. It is finally 2022. We made it! Woopie!

Now on to business. I think that 2022 is going to be a crazy year all around for everyone. I have said it before and I will say it again but, no body has a crystal ball, no body knows the future. Still, a smart and prepared person MUST make educated prediction of possible things to come in order to better prepare.

The way I like to handle this is to hedge my predictions against "trigger events" I typically decided that if this event happens and goes one way then the next logical event will be.... yet if that event doesn't happen or goes the other way then the trigger is adverted.

A great example of this is I started saying in September of 2021 that IF the US fails to raise the debt ceiling and that causes the US to default on its debt then the "world will end" meaning our society would fall apart due to sudden economic collapse. The first deadline for this trigger was in October 2021 and literally the day before the government shut down would have been triggered, Congress managed to pass a stop-gap bill that kicked the debt ceiling issue down the road until December 2021.

You see because the trigger event did not take place but instead of pushed back to a later date the prediction was not incorrect, the time table just got extended. This was always accounted for. The same trigger existed in December 2021 and yet again Congress kicked the can down the road. The trigger Event still exists and its likelihood did not decrease it is just pushed back. A small amount of time has been bought for us. That is all.

For the purposes of being prepared for what your trigger event may bring it should not make a big difference if you are fortunate enough to be given a little extra time to get more prepared. That is the thing too. This is a lifelong hobby if nothing else.

You really need to think of it in that way. You need to think about it in in many ways but one should always be as a lifelong hobby just as much as a critical survival issue. One of my resolutions is to write something every day. I mean write SOMETHING it does not have to be this log but I think it will most often be so. I also am writing my book but I am pretty ADHD-whatever so I will likely be writing many projects on and off.

I just want to hold myself accountable somewhat. I really want to quit my ratrace corporate job, like, soon, immediately(I might just..). If and when I do so it will be to pursue creative endeavors so I need to....Keep Creating... (that would be a good tag line for me to use for something.. Spoilers). Writing something everyday in 2022 seems achievable, timely, productive, maybe even a fun challenge. The other upside I see is that this stuff never goes away. I can regenerate content in tons of new forms from my existing works published and otherwise. I am certain that sections of my daily logs will be cut and reworked into sections of my book or future books. That is really exciting to me. I like making something useful out of something that has already served its purpose it is kind of like raising a phoenix from the ashes. Normally I do this with a few screws or a little it a string to make something but the thought of being able to do that with my daily writing is really exciting to me for some reason. It is like turning my daily thoughts over a year into a giant block of clay for me to sculpt hundreds of works of art from. That is cool and I don't care if you agree.

But the point I want to make is that I am able to build on to something every single day. It is an additional process. I am building a mountain of work, of art, of ideas. I am also helping people get prepared, entertaining people, challenging them intellectually to think outside the box, the list goes on! Do not think of that as a brag, more of a positive affirmation. It is important to take the mental time to process and think about the positive things in your life. Especially as a prepper who needs to spend a lot of time thinking about disaster, optimism becomes really really important.

In conclusion, I want to bring it back to the topic from the top for a moment. When I or even you make SHTF or general "Prepping" predictions it is perfectly okay if they do not happen when you guess they will or if they happen differently. No one has a crystal ball. The world is chaos. That doesn't mean you should feel bad no but more importantly it does not mean you should stop prepping or that you wasted any time or money prepping at all.

You should not take the gift of more time in a stable world as a sign to stop getting prepared. Disaster strikes when you least expect it. Final thought is that you should treat it like a hobby until it isn't. Then too that hobby should fit well within your life. You should try to best rotate and use your preps in this way nothing is wasted, honestly with inflation you just saved money buying in bulk early. There is no real downside to prepping and the upside is survival.

If you read this far thanks! stay safe Family!

Luke the Prep Papi, Signing off.

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