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It is looking to be about the time. World War 3 is here.

Russia has crossed Nato's


Nato Is currently Deciding how to respond.

This is a developing story so more details my come out.

With the information I have today here is your Prep Papi Threat Assesment.

This is the most on the brink we have ever been..worse than the bay of pigs.

The truth is what has taken place is what has been declared as a Red Line.

This means unless they decide to hold off responding despite thier previous redline statement- that we are going to declare war Nato vs Russia.

This will involve a decision on the response (Joe Biden will dictate this and Nato will do as the US instructs)

The scale of this may be small or in kind to the minor attack on Poland, however that would not likely be a wise move because it would just begin an escalation process leading eventually to WMD use.

Regardless what what action NATO decides - Russian Intel Services will KNOW about it before it is enacted l- this enables a preemptive strike option for Russia.

I believe it is possible that Russia will first strike Nato in Europe and or the United States this will likely involve multiple types of WMDs but more than likely not full blown nukes immediately, most likely are Cyber attacks and EMP .

Prior to this attack -Immediately place essential electronics in a faraday cage. If you do not have one yet you can alternate layers of metal, insulation like plastic then metal then insulation. Metal trash cans with lids are the best way to start this process!

In terms of Cyber Attacks we know from the Solarwind hacks that Russia HAD a hidden program in all of our critical cyber systems ready to give them total control.

Remember one for them to find one to keep? Yea they have other programs lying in wait that will be enacted soon.

Now a cyber attack could disable anything from power grids, power plants, pipelines, refineries, traffic lights, internet devices , all other utilities, banking systems, card readers, it is a very broad capability that would allow them to end our society with a flip of a switch.

I do not know how long we have from the time of writing this. As I said we could find that we actually have some time if they go a slow escalation route. If so for your sake not mine please take advantage of the feature on this site. It's not about me if the war is here none of us will have much use for money soon.

However you may not even have time to let things arrive if things move quickly for here.

The next 24 to 72 hours will determine how the next while plays out. I will update you when I have enough information to update this assesment.

I'll tell you this I am more concerned than I have ever been, reaching out to friends and families telling them it's time and what to do. I am also enacting some prepper plans and moving up some things to at I have out off (I'm in the middle of fixing my truck, now I will be fixing it sooner than planned) I reccomend you also get all your ducks in a row.

If we end up having some time and you need some help sorting your preps /plans out sign up for a consult.

I have it set up for only being bookable 3 days out but with what is going on if you contact me directly I may be able to work you in sooner.

Okay I need to stop writing to handle some other priorities with current events.

If we lose contact /internet / power please know that I love you and wish you the best of Luck

Oh speaking of losing internet make sure you sign up on Patreon and download the no internet internet file that gives you every digital reference you could ever need in a handy couple click single download. You will be glad you did once the internet goes and you lose access to the wealth of all human knowledge. I reccomend you use this as a base to build on with your own files make sure to include things like scans of important documents, family photos credit cards bank accounts all that personal stuff you will want to have backed up as well!

May the odds be ever in your favor, tell someone you love them friends.

I love you

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