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Jan 2022 plans and thoughts - LOG 1/2/2022

Prep Papi's Log Stardate Jan 2 2022 actual

Hey Family,

Real quick here I just wrote quite a long post to make up for not writing yesterday but now I owe ya this one for today. I have several tiktoks to make, I have a lot of work and stuff to more around for bunker 2.0. I might need to run out for a bit on a few errands. I would like to go live building stuff for the bunker 2.0 as well. I want to clean the house before Lauren my wife gets home. She is a Covid Nurse at the local hospital if you did know. (We have a gofundme to help set her free from that). Good thing for me they work her to death so I have a solid 14 hour shift all together but we are a good chunk through right now. it is about 12:30pm at time of writing and she gets off technically at 7:30pm but sometimes way later.

Point is 2022 is going to be a year of change for all of us, myself included, and in many profound ways. I plan to quit my job and do internet creating, art, writing etc full time, help people get prepared, follow my dreams all that. Additionally I would like to give my wife the same opportunity but for now she is a Covid nurse we are looking into travel nursing. She has Narcolepsy so she has always had a ton of challenges being a nurse, yet her heart is so big she had to do her best and you know what, she did it. She has been a nurse for many years now. She has been treated like trash the entire time by the healthcare industry, so are the patients by the way. Hospitals are not actually like they are perceived by the general public. Worse so now but always the care is far worse than it could and should be thanks to corporate greed. That is all I will say on that topic for now. She is Burnt out and so am I. We want to go our own way in 2022.

Let's take more down to earth for projects this month. Big thing for me right now to kick off the new year is to get my basement workshop setup to then support the rest of this year, and honestly my life's endeavors and projects. I have been using my shed for a shop but I got some other plans for that and also why not have two shops for different things. A big thing for me is building it in my basement. it is climate controlled and secure. We will talk about why that is important in a moment. Another great reason to have two is if I need to do something kind of loud when Lauren is home I can go to the outside workshop in the shed.

Okay but being secure in my basement is important because even now in 2022 lumber is at a huge premium. You know how people steal copper pipes from houses? People are going to start stealing wood to sell if they are not already just like they do for metal. Fresh Lumber is one thing but these clowns out here about to be trying to scrap the studs from the walls too.

So I want to somewhat build a second hidden space in my basement. Not as a replacement for my existing bunker but for additional hidden space for storage and maybe living space too depending on the threat level. I love modular things why not have extra bunker modules?

I also need to build a downstairs litterbox setup for my cats because Lauren wants the litter boxes out of our living areas. I am going to build a shelf at the bottom of my stairs in a self contained stairwell. What I mean is they can't get into the actual basement as long as the door is closed. So at the bottom of this shelf will be there litter boxes but right above that will be a deep shelf which will be a platform to stand on to support a smaller hidden pantry behind the new shelf. totally hidden but big enough for some supplies and one person to stand or lay fetal. There will be a hatch in the roof that leads into my garage maybe.

That is just a couple of the projects we are looking at for January and I am sure my ADHD self will get lost in the weeds and come up will 10 other projects yet still we will get a lot done!

busy busy busy stay safe family!

-Prep Papi Luke

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