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Let Me Host You!

Hey Family! This is all an ongoing project but please be aware that the Prepzone is supposed to be a community site. This means it has never been or will be just about Luke, the one and only "Prep Papi". Yes This is my site, I am the Papi but I am not alone I have a family, you.

Anyways I am setting up all this stuff that will enable me to live independently yet I find myself thinking- "Why should I be the only one to benefit from this?" There is no good reason.

SO- I thought why don't I offer to host you in every way I can?

I am offering hosting services for you to share your skills, wisdom, products, content or whatever on the Prepzone! This can be done in a number of different formats.

I am trying to make the forum and members section as much like a proper social media as I can, and I THINK I am doing a good job!

So many hours of work ahead to implement all the additional social features I have planned. I know a lot of what I CAN do I just need to keep working at it until its all set up. Very time intensive design work for sure, but well worth it.

First couple options give you promotion and good vibes yet not money,

But so the forum is a great place to promote yourself and what you offer as a person to the community. For real. I want you guys to really showcase your stuff in a helpful way. This content does not go away so anything you write stays around for a long time to help guide other preppers. I am also adding badges that the Prep Papi and maybe eventually other admins will award for various things, this will help you know who to trust. I may also do community nominated badges, I probably will.

Next place to promote is the blog. Certain experts will be welcome to contribute to the blog on a regular basis, some may even earn the right to have full posting privilege's but for now and probably for always I encourage everyone to write short articles for the contributor section on the forum. I would be happy to promote whatever content you create elsewhere in these posts! That is the thing most social media groups ban self promotion, I encourage it just so long as it isn't spam. There is a difference between sharing your pride and labor and just spamming the chat.

But so I think that is really cool, to add a variety of perspectives and skills to the Prep Zone. the Prep Papi is just a guy who has been doing this a while and thinks outside the box, he is clever, sure, but he does not know everything. Let us be stronger together I say!

Okay on to the part you may be waiting for... THE MONEY STUFF

I want to help you make money independently because honestly, the great resignation is a beautiful thing that I for one want to support. I know for a fact many of you are really struggling and want a chance to break out and earn money independently.

Some are able to but many do not yet have the tools, I aim to change that.

I have a set of professional skills beyond my prepping stuff, obviously. Some of those skills include a lot of business and marketing expertise but moreover, graphic design, web design, product and business development, just to name a few. I can and will help you.

I built this site, and I am adding tools that would allow the members I select to offer

Paid Consulting Services, booked similar to how online booking works for spa's FYI you can set time periods, pricing, format, phone, zoom, in person etc. I plan on offering Prepping consulting this way but could you! I am also fully happy to add homesteading consulting or dang near anything you are trying to do to live more independently, whatever you are an expert in so long as it kind of would have appeal to the "Prepper" audience would be welcome.

We can also host monthly subscription services similar to Patreon where someone could pay $5 a month and have the right to email you questions to be answered in a timely manner regarding your expert topics.

If you have ever heard of SkillShare we can offer paid courses too!

Oh Of course we can host your physical products too, both thing you make and if you are a creator who wants to have some merch we can set that up too.

I would be willing to help you go from A to B on getting merch to sell to your audience. I can obviously host, but I can also do the graphic design, arrange all the drop shipping. You won't have to keep inventory, the items will be printed and shipped automatically from within the USA.

Maybe you don't have an audience you want to sell merch to but maybe you are a designer and could simply benefit from having some help bringing your designs to market. I will help.

There are a lot more capabilities we have on the Prepzone but that should get you started thinking about what you could offer the community.

I will say that this involves me putting my name and faith in you so there will be a vetting process for a lot of this. I need to make sure what you are offering is a good fit. I have ultimate discretion on that and I really hope people do not get upset if I respectfully decline to host their proposed content/product at this time. It might just not be a good fit or it may not be ready yet. It is going to be an ongoing thing!

The best thing you can do is start making a name for yourself around here. Post in the forums (Hey not to be greedy but if you buy prepzone merch I will see your name...haha), do whatever on here to build up some street cred, not just with me but with the whole community, they need to trust you if this is going to work. If you have not established yourself then it will not go great.

Last thing I will say is that Prep Papi will need to take a cut of all the paid hosting to cover costs and time, most of it will be a small percent so the vast majority rightfully will go to your pocket. I will say on the things that require many hours of effort from my like designing all your products etc will be more expensive. I will probably offer either a higher percentage for me ongoing or a lump sum at the start and then the normal low percentage over time...something like that. It is a work in progress.

I just wanted to let you all know what I was thinking, please lets discuss this if you have any thoughts!

Stay safe



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