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Nuclear war?


Never before in my lifetime nor perhaps anyone elses has the threat of nuclear war felt so real.

I can't pretend like every person and every geography is likely to survive that, yet certainly some of us will.

Also just as certain is that we can not be certain of who will and who won't survive such an event and it's aftermath.

We cannot accurately predict exacty when and where nukes will go off, what defenses will work and what won't, what the targets will be or how large scale the nuclear war is. We can't control the direction of the winds either. What we can do is all operate under the assumption that we will stand a chance at finding a route to survive. We can invest in ourselves and preparation for whatever challenges the world throws at us.

If it ends up that we get unlucky than so be it.

I just think that there are enough unknowns to provide for hope for most people. Sometimes things being unknown makes things a bit less scary just because that allows room for hope.

Assuming that you will have a shot to survive such a thing you should try to acquire the following items.

A Geiger counter, check my preplist.

Easy to use and an absolute requirement in any type of nuclear event.

Emergency radio

Back up power options.

Water storage and filtration- remember the ability to filter and produce new water is most important. I keep 1-2 months worth in storage and have several preps in place to get unlimited more.

There is a great water filter available on this site

Food, at least a few months worth. Canned is easiest, get stuff you will actually want to eat, rotate regularly into your daily meals.

Plastic sheeting, staple gun, tape, lumber, sheets and boards, long screws for barricades and sealing out fallout

Gas mask and full body suits to avoid fallout (last resort)

In addition to everything else we talk about and the other items in the preplist these are must haves!

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