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I have a story to be told. Matter of fact I actually have several.

I have own platform yet most of my followers know already.

I need to be louder.

I have whistles to blow.

If anything ever happens to me The government or whomever can find all the evidence needed using the clues I have left for you. a lot of evidence in the cloud if you are willing to sort though it all.

I am not being overdramatic. (things have happened I cannot share here, remember that) even so I am not scared, I was born for this.

All the "if anything ever happens" talk might seem over the top, it is! it really is me being a bit over the top! however everytime something like that is needed ahead of time it feels a little silly until it doesn't...get it?

Hey one more thing before I show you the actual letter! Please do not try to put me in some kind of box with assuptions I am not a democrat nor a republican, I would not consider myself anti-vax nor anti-science, that does not mean I am pro-vax either, just not anti-vax in principal and also I am not here to speak on vaccines at all. That is too polarized that it would be counter productive to all the work that needs done so I avoid that topic among others in my content. I stay neutral on all that. Its not my business. I say this because it is very easy for people to be mislabeled often times intentionally in order to disregard their legitimate opinions/ concerns. it is called poison the well. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Speaking of that! let me make a few uncomfortable declarations

  1. I will never commit suicide, nor murder, nor rape, in any form the only act of violence I am ever willing commit is justified self defense as a last resort

  2. I explicitly, repeatedly and will do so again here condemn all forms of terrorist activity. The way I see it and the way I preach it, that is counter productive. That is what your opposition wants, they want you to give them a reason. I do not believe there is anything a terrorist can do to actually help their cause by acts of terror. a single persons reach is too small to fix the thing they take such great issue with in a single act of terror so it is pointless as much as it is evil. This is the line of thinking I have always shared, I should clarify things like what the Ukrainians are doing to defend from russian invaders involve things like IED's and molotovs looks VERY similar to terrorist acts sure, BUT THAT IT NOT THE SAME THAT IS NOT TERROR THAT IS THE OPPOSITE AND IS STATE SPONSERED IN DEFENSE OF THE HOMELAND FROM INVADERS and I fully support that bad ass shit to defend your home if you are in Ukraine, but that is a war, there is no place for bombs in a civilized society ever. humans are better than that and also you have no right to hurt another person if they are innocent. you do not get to decide a causality is acceptable for YOUR cause. To be very clear I and my brand expressly condemn terrorist acts in all forms

  3. I can't pretend to guess everything that might be made up to poison the well of my information in the future but at least that is a start ahead of time, a preparation you could say. Last thing on that is please if you have doubts about my character, really really deep dive into my content, or talk to me if you can, get to know who I really am. I want you to know you have the opportunity to know me better as a person than the person attacking me did when they told their lie or half truth.

  4. it is sad that I have to do this. just playing it safe.

Below is a copy of a letter I am sending to many media outlets. You can see more context on the instagram and Youtube section of this site you ca view both of those on or if you want you can go view on those platforms themselves. I don't know when you are reading this but if it is some time later please do use the timecodes of posting to line things up.

Instagram link to a video with some info on the story, the other posts of mine after that one show more updates including screenshots of talks with a friend in the US military. Hi, Listen I have a lot to say, I have my own platform with 330k followers on tiktok. Yet. I have a story that needs to be told about tiktok that can not be shared on tiktok. I have a wealth of documentation to back up everything I have to say. I started making tik toks to be an educator/entertainer in regards to....doomsday prepping, my channel is kind of a creative expression of myself and my journey, my life as a doomsday prepper. I do a lot of "prepper tips" "prepper theory" standard "prepping content" that has been around forever similar to shows like doomsday preppers. That being said, it really is ultimately about my personality and my life AS as a prepper, I have things to teach but that is not at all what it is about. I am neurodivergent and an artist/creative so it has major components in that as well. I also cover a lot of news stories, usually related in some way to my "prepping niche" as you can imagine coverage of recent events has been a focus. I have discovered my position with such followers turns me into a sponge of first hand information and tips on certain things going on. Did not plan on that, yet I know things, things I need to share. I don't want you to mistake me. The last couple paragraphs are just my background but not the purpose of this letter. I have a lot of documentation regarding Chinese or Russian involvement in suppressing journalists and other content creators. not just some bullshit shadowbans like you may have heard about. rather more severe evidence of direct influencing of Tiktok America from the CCP at LEAST. I have some information on some kind of cyber attacks.....or I don't know what else to call it in the west. THOUSANDS of followers confirming this issue since the invasion began. The invasion is actually what prompted my current desire to speak about what has been an ongoing issue. I posted a couple videos and I think more damning a few DM's on Tiktok to some of my collaborators in germany regarding organizing medical supplies/ aid to international fighters entering ukraine via poland and the RAF to help the ukrainianes fight russia, I show a subreddit on my instagram video and my tiktok with more information on that operation, really an inspiring story I was trying to support. Yet within hours of sending my first messages organizing that effort I started having major issues that were clearly direct targeted suppression, I was suddenly unable to even send messages, or comment or post or do anything. without a legit reason from the company but yet it came via their built in moderation system. PLEASE. Do not disregard this as someone complaining about being moderated on social media. It is not about that at all. I am also a married, rational man. Social media, especially tiktok is my full time job. It is important yet I am not reaching out with what I have to say because of me or anything selfish. It is so much bigger than me. Also this letter is in no way the story itself. This is a brief bit of info I really need to have an actual conversation with someone in the press on this issue. I am going to be reaching out to many different outlets on this but I first wanted to start with yours. That being said I will speak to anyone that will listen. First come, first serve on this story. here are a few links for follow up Tiktok @prepzonerise Youtube and insta the same. Thanks I look forward to speaking further and getting the truth out. Luke Prepzonerise

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