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Prep Papi's Log 2/21/2022



Daily blog,

It is more of an ambition than a promise,

actually, matter of fact,

What I actually would like to do over time, provided we have the time, to grow this community.

The Prepzone is a welcoming place. I will be honest I have been burned in the past unexpectant by some of my peers in this space so the professional trust of others on the internet has been rightfully a bit sparse on my end. Still thought, Trust but verify right?

So yea I got to get to know you a little bit, understand what you are about and what types of messages you would want to bring forth here but I welcome members of the rise family to contribute content and collaborate with each other within the prepzone. I am of the belief that all I can do is put the tools in place and tell you where to find them, online communities grow organically from there and with the state of the world being what it is I implore everyone to grow on the idea of spending some of their pocket internet rectangle time on prepzonedotorg instead of some app. I want to get other people posting content here and promoting their stuff and ideas in a way that helps us all!

Also The fact of the matter is you are less spied on here, less censored here, more cared about here. Tiktok is going away eventually IF some kind of war happens with China, but guys, Tiktok is controlled by the Chinese government. literally so. legally so. practically so. obviously so. I am pretty convinced that the point of tiktok is several fold, to a collect data, a big part of that being facial recognition but also just incredible amounts of metadata.

They claimed back when Trump wanted to ban Tiktok. Tiktok Denied and alleged testing confirmed that data was not being send from tiktok americas servers to mainland china, and thats it. that is all the testing that was done. Look if they wanted to and trust me the scope of this is more than enough reason to want to, they could have a deticated "hardlink" for lack of a better term capable of sending huge amounts of data wirelessly up to Chinese CubeSats to bounce back to China.

I mean there is like a million other options for China to steal our data through tiktok. First of all they could just copy the data into a massive amount of cold storage, there is no reason you couldnt make a cargo plane sized flash drive, pretty much undetectable if the flight is above board with the authorities.

Or like the work could be done here? like what the heck does the data even need to get to china for to be used. China really only needs the end results from the massive amount of data.

The other part of this is that China uses the algorithm to push a narrative that is acceptable to the CCP and if content creators say the exact wrong things they get singled out to be punished and removed through arbitrary moderation which most in the mainstream attribute to bad moderation policy but really it could and is being used more maliciously. There is evidence of this, look up the Tiktok whistleblower interview done by H3H3 on Youtube. China has a hand in tiktok moderation. I know this to be true and that is scary because tiktok is the biggest app in this space now in the world.

It is also just common sense. The parent company of Tiktok America is a Chinese company, thats at least half controlled by the Chinese communist party, publicly, by law and custom in china. China is China. You know. there is one party there and you do what they say, period. This party is our adversary on the global stage, a sleeping dragon soon to awake from its slumber and unleash a new era of humanity of extreme dystopian technological authoritarian regime. With the added power of the incredible technology they have and use they can control the people with force in ways more effective than at any time in history. They are the worlds best in cyber attacks and space warfare among other categories. I believe that they have in some shape or form also infiltrated some levels of Us governments and media. Think about has to have been attempted at least once, yet we have never heard of about? That tells me they either never got caught or every time it happens it gets covered up, or it goes so deep that there is no one who matters to catch you.

I think that if ever a close to true history is told of these times, maybe we can know exactly what is going on here with Tiktok and China and WW3 and all of it. We are living the history friends, lets just hope it is not the end of the book and lets ALSO hope that the next chapter is better than the last, failing even that lets hope the chapter after that is better. So long as we don't reach the end of the book we at least get to keep holding on to that hope. Never lose hope.

The fact is, China probably has already won. I did not even talk about how they have backdoors in just about every piece of tech in world. They got robots in space capable of grabbing satellites...

I accept that. I guess I worry about what it means for me and the people in my life. I guess I hope that whatever the new world, meaning after the structure of our world today shifts abruptly and dramatically, looks like for me that I am alive, and healthy and happy with the people I care about who are themselves even better than me! I get prepared so no matter what happens I can still hope to have those things and be left alone. Ultimately the Chinese Government so long as they don't start beef with me personally I don't need to be calling them out day in and day out. Again, I accept, but don't like the position they have over the world but we all got to live in it.

It puts my content and myself at risk to spend too too much time talking about this. I just want to say clearly hear for the record that the world not addressing the china issue sooner will come back to bite us. I think it already is.

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