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Quest For Truth And Meaning Among All The World

I want to make clear that I will now and forever speak to you from a position of my own truths, The things I believe in my spiritual heart. When I say truth, it will always have a lower case “T”. While I speak to you regarding my truths as they are today, and they will likely evolve tomorrow I want to be very clear that I speak from a position of ignorance of the “Capital T Truth” of the universe.

I think it is also important to remind you that every time you hear any message from any human being it is the same way, they just do not always know that is the case.

Among my deepest held beliefs is that all religions, faiths, and spiritual ways of thinking are based on the same “Capital Tee” truths of the natural world. Spirituality is an equal part of nature to me. It is a real thing in our world, perhaps it even goes far beyond what we think of as our world.

I believe that throughout all of history Humans around the world and perhaps lifeforms beyond our small small part of creation, the earth - have experienced this same background force or entity that we often like to describe as “divine”.

I do wonder if perhaps because such a divine energy or force is so intrinsic to the nature of our universe that maybe we should think of it as we do gravity, or electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces. Many people who scientifically study such forces wonder if they are all actually part of the same flavors of one force that governs our universe. This line of thinking rings close to the truth I feel in life.

I have eyes and so I can see that humans are often wrong in our interpretations of the things we observe. I have wisdom so I can know that although we may interpret things very differently that does not mean at all that we are speaking about different phenomena.

To put it simply all faiths refer to the same thing, the same thing from a different perspective.

The divine is so much more than we are or can be as humans, it makes sense to me that it would be able to and would appear to us in many different ways because it is many different things. The divine, the source, the lord whatever you like to refer to it as, I believe everyone is experiencing the same thing. Such things, whatever they actually are, would by their very nature be far beyond human comprehension, but yet there is a Truth there has to be, yet we do not have to be able to fully comprehend it. That allows for the divine to message or guide us in many different ways and forms. I believe that the details just allow that message to better resonate with whomever the message was for.

Hindu’s receive their messages, Christians do as well, all faiths. If we study the faiths of the world. I at least have found so much in common among them all- And I think that this commonality is the best sign we can find, or at least one of the best to lead us on our everlasting quest for truth, and meaning. We quest for that “Capital Tee Truth”, all of us do I think in our own way. The fact that so many, so isolated by time, distance, and geography came to such similar spiritual conclusions speaks to a common truth being received or perceived. These commonalities are worth discovering to me. Moreover, they are not only worth it, they are a key part of my search.

Some of us think we have found it, the one truth, some of us think we will find it in this life, while others, like me, and I know there are so many of us, know that we will never in this life be able to know the Capital Tee” truth.

Some people may think that is a reason not to try, that used to me, that may be you today. If it is and you are at peace with it then I am very glad. I thought I was at peace with it too. I don’t understand why, but one day I was not anymore. Not content with not seeking. Something I have learned recently is that like the old saying goes. It is not about the destination, as much as it is about the journey. I think this holds true especially for issues of faith. The journey is the life we live here on earth. Even in seemingly destination focused faiths, the journey and the things you do on it are the deciding factor for many. So even in destination heavy faiths, the journey is what it is really about.

I have not been on this spiritual journey with Intent for very long, but I do not think it is possible to live a life without being on some sort of spiritual journey, even if it looks far different from mine or from yours. Even if it is done entirely in an atheistic context.

The spiritual journey is as much about loving and knowing one's inner self as it is the outer world. Perhaps I would go as far to say that the inner spiritual journey is far and away the most important one, although I must be careful in saying that because I also believe that the output into the world from your inner spiritual growth is extremely important as well. Be a good person, do good works for others, and figure out what that means, how to do it.

In conclusion, whatever you personally see today as the truth of the universe, of your spirit, of our shared spirit, I believe it is wise to never think that you have it all figured out because doing so will rob you of spiritual growth, discovery, and possibly valued human connections. I hope that perhaps even one person listening to my words and beliefs was able to share some of the meaning I have found in these words. If they do not, I will try again another day.

Go forth and continue your search for truth and meaning beloved friends, human family. Do not get so consumed in your search for the capital Tee Truth, that you forget to hold on to all the meaning you find in that journey. Much love to you all.

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