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Survival in a Mass Looting Grid Down Disaster

If you want to secure your home from looters following a major grid down event, it's important to prepare ahead of time with materials, tools, and a plan.

Preplanning is critical for several reasons. First, you may not have much time to act or think things through when the time comes, so it's important to have a plan in place beforehand.

Second, preplanning allows you to have a rational, non-panicked approach to solving problems.

One way to prepare your home for a grid down event is to make window fortifications. These should be placed on the inside of your windows, behind the curtains, so as not to draw attention to your home.

The fortifications should be premade and stored so that they can easily be installed in just a few moments following a disaster or grid down event.

They should be constructed with 2x4 or larger frames and a layer of plywood on the side facing the window.

You can also place plywood on the opposite side, creating a cavity that you can tightly pack with material like sand, dirt, or cat litter after the fortifications are installed. Make sure not to fill these beforehand because that would make them too heavy to install.

This will make them hard cover points against bullets. Be sure to keep rolls of plastic sheeting and tape on hand so you can seal the whole wall with plastic right before screwing in your prebuilt frames.

You will also need power drills and long, sturdy screws for installation.

Another aspect to consider is the psychological deterrents. You can place biohazard stickers and tape on your door as a deterrent for entry.

If looters do manage to breach the inside of your home, it's advisable to make it appear as though the home has already been looted and is of little value.

This can be achieved by making the home look like a hoarder's home full of garbage, or by moving any supplies of value out if sight, throw open all your cabinets toss the dishes on the ground...."preloot" your own home, or by placing items with bad smells (like spoiled food) near likely entry points. You will likely have access to a lot of spoiled food if the grid down stops your refrigerator from functioning.

It's important to note that in any sort of large-scale grid down event, the sheer number of desperate looters will be staggering, and it is very unlikely that a directly aggressive approach with firearms will be successful.

It may even draw more attention to your home. The best way to win a fight is to not have one.

To that end, it's advisable to dedicate an area of your house (preferably a basement) as a safe room or area. If possible, take steps to create an area that is hidden from looters.

Conceivably, they are looting house to house very quickly, so it may be easy to hide a room behind a bookcase or refrigerator.

If you can achieve stealth and hide yourself, your family, and your supplies when the looters come, you can survive without a firefight that you would likely lose due to the sheer number of enemy combatants.

By following these steps and preplanning ahead of time, you can secure your home from looters following a major grid down event. Stay safe!

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