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The Universe, The Divine, The Incubation

The following should be viewed in the context of theory, perhaps the context of spiritual feeling.

These are things, thoughts, maybe even in some way personal beliefs. Take them as such.

God is Love, God is everything, Therefore everything is love. This must by its very nature by its logic mean that all things in this world, in this universe must be of love and be of god.

When I god I speak to all of the names we humans give such things, the divine, the spirit, whatever works for you the reader.

God is Love.

The devil, Eternal damnation, These things are a total falsehood of the universe, because these things are completely the reverse of love.

God is all things and all powerful.

God has created all you know and has done so entirely with love. God does not make mistakes and god cannot be betrayed.

God has given us all that we have and all that we are. God will give us all that we will be.

God gives us all gifts.

Free Will is a gift of god, it is I believe a fundamental part of gods love and the purpose of all things.

Free Will is the only thing that allows for what people think of as SIN. Keep in mind that not all things humans define as sin are actually in my view.

Many things that are called sins are actually just things that one or more Humans did not want other humans to do. Their reasons were and are their own, but they are not of god.

This certainly holds true to the falsehood that things such as homosexuality are sinful. They are not. Love cannot not ever be a sin if it is done with mutual understanding and consent. That last part is key.

Forcing control over another beyond for the purpose of justice is in my view a sin. Why I ask you are things like rape thought as a lesser spirutial crime in many relgions as something as simple and beautiful as a mutual love for another human regardless of both’s gender?

This is just one small example of a “sin” in common language around the topic. However the greater point I feel called to make is that all things are of sin, both perhaps actual sins and those invented by man, are products only of our free will.

Free Will is a gift from god, but not an optional one.

God, to my truth, had to gift us with free will so that then and only then would we have the ability to choose to good, to choose to live as those just as Jesus, or Buddha or as many other people have thought.

We are given free will to choose to be good because if it was not a choice than we would not truely be good at all. We would also not truely even “Be”. We would be automatons of no real spiritual value to god.

I feel as though perhaps this life is something akin to a spiritual incubator. This is where our souls come to grow up, and to learn to be good and only good. I also think that it must take more than just one human life to do this.

I feel strongly that any evil we find in this world comes only from the human mind, and the free will gifted within.

This line of thinking is one, I think very valid answer to the question so many people have. Why would god allow such suffering and evil to exist in our world.

One reason is that it is the only way to allow actual good to exist in our world. Good is love.

More than that perhaps another equally valid answer that stands along side the free will theory is that perhaps this world does not matter in the exact way we think it does. Perhaps human suffering and death while a create travesty and failure by certain humans to choose to be good is less permanent and therefore important to god as it feels to us here on earth.

This thinking comes from my humility before the divine. It comes from my trust in that the divine is love and all it can do is love. Perhaps the suffering we all experience to varius degrees matters more in the choices made by those involved.

Perhaps reincarnation is valid. Perhaps something else but similar where the one life we live here is not at only the only one we will.

I do not think there are many souls if any that are or could be “done” -fully cooked- fully incubated and ready to hatch- without living many lifetimes of learning and spiritual growth.

I beleive that eventually, even if it takes billions of years every soul will be saved by the divine for a greater world. I do not however think that when the bodies we currently occupy pass away and wither that our souls are done here.

I want to ask you question. When you have a thought, words stream through your mind, yes? Well whom are those thoughts speaking to?

They of course are speaking to you, but what you actually are. The observer. Another way of saying that term, is the soul, the soul of you.

The point of that question is to understand that your soul is clearly outside of your thoughts and your thoughts are also what call into being your actions in life.

For this reason it is clear to me that Evil is of those thoughts which are not of the soul,the spirit within us. Because that spirit is also of god.

I mentioned how an infinite god could subdivide itself however it saw fit. I think too this would to the infinite creation of souls all of which like all things are of the singular spirit.

That means God is spirit, You are also spirit.

Perhaps our personal spiritual growth is merely how an infinite divine grows themselves, splitting of parts of its infinite self to create a world, a universe with a purpose. Perhaps that purpose is to become so much more than we were we started and one day, after many lives of learning to reconcile and join once again with the spirit. Perhaps even the separation and division I speak of is an illusion. That sounds more true.

It would be an illusion from the perspective of the divine, or perceived spiritual limits but for us in this life, those limits are not an illusion they are real to us, but only for a time, even if such a time is beyond our comprehension, it is not and nothing could be beyond gods power and insight.

All of that to say that even the worst of humanity the Hitlers of the world….their souls, will one day be reconciled or “saved” with the divine.

How can I say that about a man as terrible as Hitler?

Well because the terrible things he thought and did were not of his soul as I already explained. His soul like ours were not the thoughts nor actions, those died with him.

Surely his soul was not ready yet if it allowed his ego to do such things. However that young soul will eventually be either “recycled” into a new soul or will be somehow “fixed” prior to being reunified with the infinite divine spirit.

It will not be wasted, it will not be sent to eternal damnation for the “sins” of an ego that died on earth.

There is no such there as evil in the soul only in the human mind. That is my belief.

These beliefs while of course always subject to change and fairly new to me allow for an understanding of the divine, of the universe.(remember they are one in the same)

It allows for something akin perhaps to an understanding that explains in a loving and I see it as logical way how such awful things, such evils can happen in a world created and guided by a loving god.

I do not have all the answers, I am also not capable of putting to words all that I feel. I also know at least partially this is wrong, but equally so I think are all of the faiths and theories.

They all speak about the same divine, but use different language, different assumptions. Yet all of them will likely contain something of value in each of our own spiritual journeys.

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