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Tiktok, Money, Drama.

Stardate 1/3/2022

Prep Papi's Daily log


It is I, Luke, the one and only Prep Papi!

Some of you may know that I have been repeated attacked, and now potentially doxed.

On Tiktok it is against the rules to call someone out by name directly. This is not the case on MY website, on My Blog!

That being said I do not want to give these people any free promotion so I won't use their full usernames but if you know who know I guess as far as who I am referring to.

Before we get into my side of all the drama I wanted to address one of the other topics that I get attacked for most often. The money. SOME people take issue with my attempts to try to monetize my work. I guess that right there tells the whole store it is WORK!

From the moment I wake up until I go to bed I am either thinking about or actively working on something connected to this.

Sure you see the videos in your for you page and you think that is all it is, it is not. I do not need to bore you with all the backend details but for example to think this website and blog both built and PAID for itself?(on an ongoing basis) It did not. Do you think my book writes itself? That is just one example but even without that, just focusing on the tiktok, CONTENT CREATION IS A FUCKING JOB.

For those who attack me for this I would like to ask what is your job? Do you make money???

You do?

Oh my god you money grubbing sell out! how dare you not work for free!

That is another thing I want to point out- I am not in the creator fund!

Take my advise if you ever have the opportunity NEVER join the creator fund.

First, it doesn't provide much money anyways about 1-2 pennies per 1k views.

Second, Tiktok is a shady Chinese company. I have caught them doing many shady things to take advantage of its users.

They want to use the Creator fund to encourage you to make videos but for some arbitrary reason they won't pay out for 90 days.

What does this mean? It means they have 90 days to start pinning you with community unjustified guideline violations and then ultimately ban you before you can widthdrawl a single dime.

And yes..they keep the money when they ban you!

It happened to me. I had 100k on my previous channel, "Riskyenterprise", it is gone now. Banned for no good reason besides TIKTOK'S GREED!

They let some people have success with the CF but most people I think have my experience. I also think they either suppress or lie about your views so they do not have to pay you as much.

I don't want to go down a rabbit whole talking about Tiktok's shady dealings.I have video with some more details on my Youtube.

Let's get back to the money issue.

So I am not in the creator fund yet I want to make money from my work on and off Tiktok. What do I do? Well I started with Amazon Affiliate marketing. I have made probably a few grand off of that so far, again 90 day waiting period on that too. So with that system the viewer buys a prepping item I recommend off of amazon and then i get a couple bucks kick back 3 months later. Cost doesn't rise for the buyer, all it does is take a few bucks Bezos would have gotten otherwise. Even with this list out there- I get hundreds of comments asking where to find things or what to get for XYZ, having this list just makes sense as a bit of help for these people but yes it is my biggest current source of income from TIKTOK. I find nothing at all wrong with me doing that and if another creator does have a problem with me doing that, perhaps you should have a problem with their logic?

Next Thing I do- Patreon. I like this one because it offers my family a monthly income. It is only a couple hundred right now but the Patreon offers dozens of really useful prepper benefits beyond just supporting me, like 10% off my store, access to my writing, consulting, access to my easy download no internet file and more! I see this as providing value...what is wrong with that?

Beyond that I have the occasional sponsored post/giveaway. Those are far an few between because I just don't have the time to reach out to a bunch of companies all day every day. Not much there yet. Same thing with this website, a lot of work, some cash to startup yet no income from here YET!

All of that to say I think the ways I am trying to earn some money from this are ethical, valuable to you, and not something a reasonable person should complain about.

Not to mention just about everyone of my following size does this or similar. It is standard practice, honestly I do it less so than most. It has always been important to me to put out daily pure prepping non-promotion content in addition to my promotional stuff. The way I see it ya, you might get me trying to sell you something but that is not taking away from the free daily prepping content you get, it is additional.

That is the other thing to keep in mind. My videos, this blog, a bunch of my work is free and fully available to everyone. Nothing critical to your survival is behind a paywall. You are welcome for that by the way. There are lots of ways I could take advantage, but do not.

Look, I have bills to pay. Being an "artist" or rather a "creative" IS A FUCKING JOB AND I DESERVE TO PAY MY FUCKING BILLS FOR MY EFFORTS PERIOD FULL STOP. I am sorry but it really is hurtful to be attacked about this so often. I ain't going to stop. If you do not like seeing an occasional bill paying video then well there is fucking door, Bye! Make sure you stop using the internet, cable tv, newspapers, magazines, because all of which are supported by ads providing you with the rest of the content. OH also don't drive or be driven anywhere as you might see a billboard.

The next big thing I get attacked for is not always getting everything right(in some peoples opinion).

Well first of all, you do not know, you Think, I am getting something wrong. It is just as likely you are the one who is incorrect or we simply hold different equally valid theory's.

I fuck shit up a lot true, so does everyone but I intentionally give my audience a chance to learn from my mistakes, to learn with me. I am HAPPY to make mistakes because that is how you learn. I am just a mainstream everyday American prepper. Not only trying to get a better outcome for my family but for yours. I will not apologize for that...again, there is the door.

Now, Briefly, Let's talk specifically about the drama.

I started to write out a whole thing but it is such a long story I might add more details in a future post. LONG STORY SHORT

I wanted to start a network of preptok creators, NOTE not lead a network, start one. It would have just been community building, shared discord between several preptokers etc, no leadership, no drama, no money. I posted a video talking about how I wanted to get this together. At the time I was friends with another creator we will call wildfire, She was supposed to be the first member of this network and we were also planning a podcast.

Again, leaving out details giving you broad strokes.

This next part is a THEORY, but a decent one.

Enter, Big Daddy Prep. This dude is a bitter old man, I am sorry but he is. I am convienced he is behind 90% of the drama but from behind the scenes. You know the type.

You see he also posted a video after mine about wanting to start a prepper network. I really think that all of the drama stems back to this one guy, his jealously. The funny thing is I was a follower of HIS before he started talking shit and causing issue.

Anyways the short version of my theory is that he whispered into the ear of Wildfire, and also Southwestprepper (Probably others too) to get them to turn against me publicly. SWprepper was involved but not a whole lot. Again, he was another person I thought was my friend. Never did a bad thing to ANY OF THESE PEOPLE, matter of fact I actually "lent" Wildfire $150 bucks when she posted a video about how her bank locked her out of her money....never getting that money back and like a WEEK later she was going behind my back making horrid lies about me (with no proof).

My theory is Big Daddy started drama behind the scenes a month or two ago and either that initial shit from him lead to todays drama, or he is still at it behind the curtain. Again that is just a theory but he was the first one to post a shit talking video about me, and the network thing provides motive, plus my intuition tells me it is likely true, it is right quite often.

Enter Riley, Look I don't know you but the level of obsession shown to try to dox me makes me think you are reading this. I can only make guesses that you caught on to the bullshit coming out of big daddies/wildfire's mouth a while back and latched on. Maybe, maybe not, maybe its something else. If it is that then you should know it is all fucking bullshit manipulation at its finest. Could have proved that if I had been asked.

I am a pretty approachable guy. If you or ANYONE HAS A FUCKING ISSUE talk to me first. That is what an adult does. The fact is I am neurodiverant, on the spectrum, meaning I am often misinterpreted because my brain uses a different operating system than yours.

The point of Preptok is to build a community, to lift each other up not tear each other down. I am so sick of this and honestly sad that a few are ruining it for everyone. Do not believe everything you hear on line. I will say if you are one of the other Preptok creators that may have heard things from ; Wildfire,Bigdaddy,SWprepper, etc then please QUESTION THOSE THINGS THEY ARE NOT TRUE. Where possible if you need to see some of the proof I have then we can do so privately if that is what you need. Otherwise I bet just being an adult and talking to me would work, give it a try.

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