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Welcome To the Prepzone! Rise Family! Welcome Home!


My name is Luke and I have been a “prepper” for around 15 years. With the start of the pandemic I, like so many, really ramped up my prepping hobby into something more full time. I realized a long time ago that our society was much more fragile than most people think. Our Economy, supply chain, government and Infrastructure is all an outdated house of cards that through extreme corruption, greed, incompetence and utter shortsightedness is doomed to collapse. Not only is the system itself so fragile but events like a major asteroid impact, Super Volcano or a Solar Flare IS going to hit us, eventually, it is a question of when not if for those.

In late 2021 I decided that while it broke the age old “Don’t talk about it” rule for preppers, I would start a Tiktok Channel to help get others prepared for the collapse I knew was eventually going to strike. I just figured, I can’t stand by and do nothing, yet I am powerless to fix the world. So I decided I was going to help save lives, as many as possible, or at least improve people's outcomes in a disaster. For this reason my Channel “Prepzonerise” was born!

“Conventional Wisdom” Rightfully claims that any real prepper doesn’t tell people about it because then those same people will come to them for supplies when they are left unprepared. This is true! I would give the same advice. That being said- I made a choice to sacrifice some of my security, my secrecy, in the hope of helping even one person achieve a better outcome. It isn’t as big of sacrifice as it sounds. I do try to keep people from finding out my state, last name, and so on so it is less likely they would ever find me and my preps.

Another point I would like to make in regards to the secret prepper thing would be that it really only matters if people locally know about it. Travel will be all but impossible for potentially years after a SHTF collapse. Too many people will want to rob travelers for anyone to make any sort of cross country journey to find me. I think that is something that many preppers get wrong. Even stepping outside your front door opens you up to unseen sniper fire achievable from even the most amateur deer hunter wanting to take your stuff.

Sharing my preps, ideas, and a few laughs feels like a calling to me, being able to help people get prepared, feels like what I am meant to do-So I take a few risks to do so.

So- In just a few short months I grew my Tiktok Following to 300,000 souls and hopefully actually helped quite a few of them. I think that growth speaks somewhat to my credibility in this. I could give you a quick resume here as to my credibility on these topics but I am a firm believer of letting my work speak for itself! I welcome you home here and I highly encourage you to get prepared. Also please be aware that this website is chock full of tools to help you get prepared.

Stay Safe Family,

Luke, Prep Papi, Prepzonerise.

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